On April 25th, a devastating 7.9 earthquake struck 50 miles outside of Kathmandu. Over the next month, a second 6.8 aftershock and 7.3 quake would hit again. The country suffered hundreds of aftershocks, some striking even a year later. For months, many slept outside in fear, many more continued to because their homes had been destroyed. We at Sunsar Maya were incredibly lucky and relieved that all of our children and staff were safe. 

Following the first earthquake, while schools remained closed for over a month, we reopened the after-school program quickly and began operating full-day sessions to provide the children a sense of normalcy, routine, and a safe place to process the disaster. During the months since the earthquakes, our team has also been providing emergency relief to our local community and the rural villages outside Kathmandu. 

We delivered food and supplies to close to 2,000 families, delivered soft flooring and tin roofs to protect against the monsoon season for those that have been left homeless, ran medical clinics that saw hundreds of people and provided free treatments and medicine, and have rebuilt homes and schools in the villages. This work began in the days immediately following the earthquake, in remote areas that would take international aid days and week to reach, and continues even now.