Program Closed: Sunsar Maya began in 2011 by providing educational sponsorships to children living in orphanages in Nepal. Through 2014, we supported the education of 150+ children in Kathmandu. In 2015, we reevaluated our programs and after much consideration, decided to move away from our educational sponsorship program with the knowledge and assurance that the children all will be receiving support elsewhere. The decision was not made lightly, but we believe we can have the greatest impact in these children's live through SuMa After-School



Harmony House, Samanjasya Ghar, was NOH's very first home. The children moved to the present grounds in February 2005, where every Saturday the children of all five homes gather to play in the yard, eat lunch together, and lounge in pockets of shade. There are 40 girls presently in the house ranging in age from 5 to 19. Most are former Kamlari (indentured servants) who joined NOH from the Lawajuni Home.

Until 2012, Michael ran Harmony House, also affectionately known as "Papa's House." Dawn Kumari has been with the children since the first home and remains as the all around caretaker of the house and gardens and helps to raise the children, and in 2012 Anita Chaudhary came on as manager.


NOH's Indreni House currently has 11 children and two didis ("Big Sister" in Nepal, but also refers to a caretaker). The newest daughter is Aakriti, a 5-year-old who has been deaf and blind since birth. She's a fun little girl who giggles all the time and has an extraordinary way of determining who is who and what is happening. She has her own didi 24-hours a day. All but one of the other girls have escaped becoming Kamlari (indentured servitude), and have no surviving parents. They have all come to live at NOH and are flourishing in their home.


The boy’s Possibilities House, Sambhav Ghar, has been through a few transformations since its inception. Some of the boys have been with Michael from the very beginning; but they finally moved into their own home in January 2009 when a small house was built on the Imagine House grounds. Pratap Chetri and his wife Devika are the house parents in a very fun and tightly bonded family. Hikmat, one of our oldest boys, was taken from his village by Maoist back in 2005. He escaped to Kathmandu and has been with Michael ever since. Hikmat began college last year–the first of the NOH children to do so–paving the way and serving as an inspiration to his younger brothers and sisters.


NOH's Sanctuary House was established in February 2009, with Gita Lama managing the home since it began. It began with 26 children brought from NOH's home for freed Kamlaris (indentured servitude) in Western Nepal. Presently Sanctuary House is home to 29 girls and one 3 year-old-boy. These girls are high achievers academically placing studies before sports and other extra curricular activities. Presently one of our girls is attending her second year in college, she is matriculating in Hotel Management. In addition to their attendance at Skylark English School, 18 of the girls attend the Chelsea Education Center for vocational training, where they are learning life skills that will provide them a secure future.


Imagine (Kalpana) House opened in 2008. The house was very large, more than what was needed, but more importantly, it was also cheap because the locals thought it haunted. NOH leased it immediately! The NOH Lawajuni (New Beginnings) homes in Dang was again full and now there was enough space to bring the children into Kathmandu where they could be better cared for and attend higher-caliber schools.  Anita Mahato expressed an interest in being a house manager and had all the right stuff to do it, so in 2008 our Imagine House was born. 

With a few new girls added, the same 24 girls originally on the bus ride from Dang with Anita and Michael still live there. The girls work together as a team in all their efforts and play, do well in school, and have in the past put on some of the most memorable dance performances and dramas during family celebrations. 


SSN cares for 15 children ages 3-7 in Kathmandu. The children have grown up together and are truly one family. All 15 children have been sponsored, covering the cost of their tuition, books, and uniforms.

In 2014, the children of SSN all began attending the Sunsar Maya After-School program. The kids are already showing great strides both academically and socially.