Adventures in New Carpet

When Jehan and Jamesn(two of Sunsar Maya's co-founders) first arrived at Sahayogi Samaj Nepal orphanage in early 2011, two things immediately caught their attention, the amazing little people that so willingly walked into their arms for greetings and hugs, and the old, worn blue carpet throughout the house. Since the children spend most of their time on that carpet (playing reading, or resting) it was obvious that it needed to be replaced.

With the help of fellow volunteers Santiago (another Sunsar Maya co-founder) and India, Jehan and James went shopping for new carpet. No easy task in Nepal! After a minor taxi accident and a day of bargaining in their very limited Nepali (“Namaste” was about all they had learned to say back then), they brought home the new red carpet, upon which the children now play in a safe and clean environment.