New Paint, New Look

The dedication of volunteers to the happiness and well-being of the children of Sahayogi Samaj Nepal always amazes us. Linda, a volunteer from Scotland, had spent many weeks with the children, showering them with love and many many hugs. Hours spent in the babies’ room brought a resolve to help in other ways.

Several of Linda’s friends back home had sent along donations, hoping to give from afar. Using those donations and her own, Linda got to work updating the paint in the children’s rooms. Carrying several buckets of paint, brushes and paint rolls, Linda and fellow volunteers Santiago (Sunsar Maya co-founder), Trevor, Minyoung, Alicia, and our Nepali friend Sangeeta, made their way through the crowded streets of Dhapasi Heights, eventually jumping on the always-crowded public bus to the orphanage.

It took almost three full days of hard work to get both rooms painted (one yellow, the other one pink), but it was worth every brush stroke. The children now sleep in rooms as bright as the volunteers who painted them. Thank you Linda for taking the initiative and funding this project; and thanks to Santiago, Trevor, Minyoung, Alicia, and Sangeeta for your help!