Manisha’s Journey - From Student to Teacher

Manisha first came to SuMa After-School five years ago, as an 11-year-old student. Throughout her years in the program she studied a range of subjects, from art to science. 

Now in 11th grade, Manisha is working as an intern with Sunsar Maya–sharing what she has learned with our current students! Once she finishes school, she plans to go to university and pursue a graduate degree.

Watch below to see Manisha share her story.

Technology Wishes for the New Year

Before Prashana* started coming to Sunsar Maya computers–and school– were the last things on her mind. 

Now 8 months in, she loves learning and is interested in computer programming (check our her video!). Her curiosity has been sparked and her conversations with SuMa teachers are peppered with “how” and “why.”

With your support Sunsar Maya is able to provide the building blocks Prashana needs to build her pathway out of poverty.

Click here to make an investment in her future and help make her wishes come true!

*Names of students are changed for their privacy.

A tour of our new space

We launched our second SuMa ASP location late last year with 65 children in the community of Lalitpur.  

The kids were ready to learn and our teachers were ready teach–but our new Sunsar Maya Center was, until recently, under construction.

Today, we're proud to share this video tour of our new Sunsar Maya Center. There's still some unpacking to be done, but we're in our new home!

Enjoy this tour given by a few of our newest SuMa ASP students.

Hike with the world's first vegan to summit Mt. Everest

Kuntal Joisher is the first vegan to have ever summited Mt. Everest. Devastating natural disasters struck his expeditions in 2014 (an avalanche at Everest Basecamp) and 2015 (the Gorka earthquake), but in 2016 Kuntal returned to Nepal, determined to make it to the top.

Last Saturday, Nov. 5, over 60 people joined Kuntal for a hike up Mission Peak in the San Francisco Bay Area to hear his story on scaling with world's highest mountain all while on a vegan diet.

We hope the hike is the first of an annual event in support of our kids and our programs in Nepal. Many thanks to Kuntal, our event organizers, edcast.com who generously provided a matching donation, and all the participants. We hope to see you all next year! 



Late September or early October marks the beginning of Dashain, the longest and most auspicious festival in Nepal. This fifteen day festival begins on the bright lunar fortnight and ends on the full moon. The celebration represents the triumph of good over evil.  During these festivities, all government offices and educational institutions are closed. 

It is Dashain tradition to give and receive 'tika', 'jamara' and blessings. 'Tika' is the mixture of red vermillion powder and curd that is put on the forehead as a sign of victory and good luck.

 "Jamara" are maize or barley shoots that are germinated especially for the Dashain festival. Below is an example of Jamara grown by the kids, and above is the 'Tika' blessing. 

Meet Lily

We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Sunsar Maya family and our new SuMa After-School Supervisor, Lily McGowan. Lily's job is to make the after-school program (ASP) the best it can be. She's creating fun, interactive, and educational lessons, providing weekly trainings for our teachers to give them a more solid foundation in child development, and she's working to launch our second after-school program early next year.

Lily's background in psychology and her experience teaching at-risk youth, both in the United States and in Vietnam, make her a perfect fit for our ASP. She spent August and September training with our partners at the Golestan Colab and Center for Language Immersion and Cultural Education, the same educators that traveled to Nepal to help launch our ASP last year.